Recruitment Process

Company values

Having clear values is what drives consistent work, renewed customer satisfaction, and ethics. Here are 5 values that truly care about when looking for candidates:

Applying to join us

As we value transparency, we want you to know what’s our process for finding new talents.

What are the different stages of the recruitment process?

  1. Application form: we first ask your to fill out a very simple form to collect your contact information, resume and answer questions that helps screening candidates.
  2. Video call: if you passed the previous step, you’ll be invited for an introduction call with our founders that usually lasts 30-45 min. You’ll be able to book a time slot that works for you. This should give your a clear understanding of our company’s culture and what we are looking for for the position you applied for.
  3. Challenge: you’ll be provided a challenge that matches the skills and attitude we require for each open positions. Consider this a home work that help us understand how you think and what are your main skills and personal traits.
  4. In-person interview: We understand that candidates care about their future colleagues and office environment. Hence, you will be invited to our office and you’ll get to meet some of our teammates.

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